Who are We?

ESI Reviewer is NOT a tech startup, a software development house, a group of former or non-practicing attorneys, a legal staffing firm experiment, a venture capital investment gamble, or mainstream IT consultants trying to carve out yet another piece of the ediscovery pie.

ESI Reviewer is powered by the expert ediscovery and digital forensics practitioners of one of the country’s most well-known and respected forensic technology consulting firms. Our team has been deeply involved in all aspects of ediscovery from its inception. We combine both extensive technical expertise as well as AmLawfirm litigation experience across a broad spectrum of practice areas.

What do we Do?

In a nutshell, we provide secure access to powerful, innovative technology at an unprecedented price point. We will collect your data, process it for you, assist in culling and keyword development, and let you take it from there until you’re ready for a production. The fact that this approach is effective in 90% or more of matters when appropriate technology and processes are employed from the outset is not something that’s ever discussed, but it’s reality.

If you need more assistance, from anything ranging from training (we don’t charge for that, BTW) to limitedconsulting, to full-fledged engagement in managing the entirety of your ediscovery project, including additional technologies and multi-user review platforms, we’re here to help with that, too.

Who do we Serve?

First and foremost, we serve law firms representing clients in any type of civil matter that involves ediscovery protocols – from litigation matters to government agency proceedings to corporate investigations.

Specifically, we serve the firms that don’t have a voice in ediscovery. Because their profits aren’t large enough to accommodate specialized in-house personnel, and their clients aren’t able to commit to the blank check that ediscovery vendor SOWs require. You know who you are.

For a long time, we have watched as the industry has completely failed you, while your challenges were addressed by reviewing email in Outlook and running document productions in Adobe Acrobat that were beyond anything for which those tools were ever intended.

We also serve corporations, including their legal departments, and possess the flexibility to meet the sometimes unique needs of these organizations. We solve problem and would be delighted to assist with yours.

What makes us different?

We understand litigation

Not only do we understand ediscovery, we understand real-world litigation. ALL of it. Commercial disputes, employment claims, IP, torts, class action and mass torts, personal injury – ALL of it.Because we have worked on all of it. We know what the inside of a courtroom looks like, too – from the smallest, rural county courthouse to the federal courtroomsin America’s biggest cities.

We didn’t just start doing this

We’ve BEEN doing this. From the beginning. We have managed the smallest matters, involving a single email custodian to the largest, multi-terabyte datasets that combine corporate email servers, cloud file storage repositories, mobile device content, and modern CRM platform messaging components. Whatever your engagement requires, we won’t be doing it for the first time.

We value long-term business relationships

Our model is based on providing the highest quality service and advanced technology expertise at the lowest prices the industry has ever seen. Since no one has ever dared to pursue such a model, and most smallerediscoveryfirms only ever survive long enough to be acquired and silenced by an ediscovery “Borg,” we think our approach has a demand.

We are expert ediscovery practitioners

ESI Reviewer’s team covers the entirety of the EDRM, and our real-world experience leads the way. While one of the world’s largest ediscovery vendor will perform an email collection across an entire corporation so that they can later charge you to process each of the thousands of organization-wide emails without ever even discussing the subject, we won’t. We’re practical problem solvers, and don’t engage in the “gotcha” games that are buried in SOW you reluctantly agreed to.
Have you ever seen an $800,000.00 ediscovery processing invoice? We have. And it wasn’t from the ediscovery “stone ages,” either (it was actually much closer to 2018). Even better, we’ve seen the ludicrous NDAs for the “industry standard” technologies that make such invoices a necessity just to sustain the organizations that deploy that technology.
Hope your clients will be excited to help pay for someone else’s execs to vacation in the Seychelles!
Fortunately, ESI Reviewer is committed to providing expertise and value for a price that helps everyone strive to thrive in a competitive economy. We’ll check out a national park or something, instead.

We don’t have pre-defined formulas for every situation

We have seen one-size-fits-all approaches fail spectacularly over and over again – simultaneously accompanied by a $120K invoice. And we refuse to be a part of it. Instead of rigging the game against you via a 40-page SOW, designed from the outset to entrap, we help you employ technology to solve the problems inherent to ediscovery.

Our approach is battle-tested in hundreds of litigation matters

We don’t approach ediscovery challenges like every other provider. ON PURPOSE. Instead, we leverage our decades of combined experience based on proven principles and techniques that have successfully supported hundreds of ediscovery projects within real-world litigation matters.